The VORTEK Hood BeachHead arcade version was the first ever VR game in the world and more than fifteen years ahead of its time.

The BeachHead brand legacy

BeachHead 2000 changed the paradigm of PC gaming by introducing a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping arcade style game that was addictive and easy to play. At the time, large and complex role-playing games (RPGs) reigned supreme and an arcade-like game that required under 10MB of memory (and no user manual) was considered a sin in the established gaming world. The real pressing question was...

“Where is the PLAY button?”

Despite all the naysayers in the PC press, BeachHead 2000 spread like wildfire and became an overnight success. BeachHead 2000 went on to set new records and start new trends in a wide range of venues and platforms, exceeding all expectations across the globe. Arcade gaming was no longer a sin, the “play” button became the norm, and everyone was able to enjoy the game.



BeachHead 2000 was a beloved people’s game with legions of loyal fans and a unique affection factor. The game was easy to play and truly addictive. We got thousands of emails and letters from people of all ages telling us how much they enjoyed the game. We heard from mothers, daughters, an 80-year old in a retirement community, soldiers from bases all around the

world, and even a retired general. We also received emails from wives joking about possibly divorcing their husbands if they did not stop playing the game. And most memorable of all, Pepe once got a call around 9 pm one night from Phil Rudd, the drummer for AC/DC. They were stuck on level 52 during a concert intermission and needed to know how to pass the level before they went back on stage.


We are not new to the notion of VR gaming. In fact, the BeachHead VORTEK Hood in the original arcade version was the first of its kind in the VR gaming world. The Oculus Rift team can testify to having played the BeachHead arcade games at some point. At that time, VR gaming was very new and almost nonexistent. Foreseeing that VR gaming would become popular, combined with the easy-to-play arcade style design, led to huge successes for BeachHead around the world. BeachHead became the number one top-earning game in the U.S. and many other countries for more than three years in a row.
Like the legacy version, the new BeachHead 2020 was conceived to provide a virtual reality experience like no other. The original game was VR in the sense that the play environment was 360 ̊ all around you, but now with VR and stereoscopic 3D the immersion is complete with a whole new range of exciting possibilities in simulation gaming and storytelling.


BeachHead 2000 was one of the most addictive PC and arcade game titles ever, spawning several sequels, many copycats, and millions of devoted fans all over the world. There is no doubt that BeachHead benefits from worldwide name recognition and a unique sense of affection from the millions of fans that were entertained by it.
The free-to-play downloadable version of the game was even more successful than the arcade version, with millions of downloads worldwide. The original game was only 10MB, it was written in assembly and could run on virtually any PC. The fact that it was so easy to play with no translation required made it an ideal combination for emerging international markets with limited bandwidth, effectively extending the reach of the game well into the present day. There is no better example of this unexpected phenomena than the enormous success achieved in China, where the BeachHead brand has become even more popular and enjoys the adulation of millions of fans today.

“BeachHead 2000 was one of the most addictive PC and arcade game titles ever, spawning several sequels, many copycats, and millions of devoted fans all over the world.”


“The ability to draw what's in my head and show it to others to see it, has been the most powerful tool I had in my career”
–Pepe Moreno